We assume that our incredibly popular user, you, needs a big-data solution for your phone book. We will thus walk you through the process of defining a layout for your phone book, creating a Kiji table with this layout and looking up an entry. The current text file you have been using to store your contacts resides at $KIJI_HOME/examples/phonebook/input-data.txt and we also show you how to bulk load this into your Kiji table.

Example code for a more in depth look at these use cases exist in the directory $KIJI_HOME/examples/phonebook/src/main/java. Instructions for how to build and use this example code can be found in the next section of this tutorial, Setup.

How to Use this Tutorial

  • Links to Javadoc - Class names link to the relevant Javadoc: EntityId.

  • Code Walkthrough - Code snippets are in gray boxes with language specific syntax highlighting:

System.out.println("Hello Kiji");
  • Shell Commands - Shell commands to run the above code will be in light blue boxes, and the results in grey.
echo "Hello Kiji"
Hello Kiji