For KijiScoring to freshen data, it needs to know when data needs to be refreshed (the freshness policy) and how to refresh the data (the score function). KijiScoring includes the fresh command-line tool to register a policy and score function with a given Kiji table column.

We'll use the freshness policy and score function created in the previous steps.

To install the provided policy and score function, run the following command:

kiji fresh \
${KIJI}/users/info:next_song_rec \
--do=register \ \ \

where kiji://.env/kiji_music/songs is the Kiji URI of the songs table from the Music Recommendation Tutorial; you'll need to change it if you put your Kiji tables in a different place than described.

You should see this output:

Freshener attached to column: 'info:next_song_rec' in table: 'users'
KijiFreshnessPolicy class: ''
ScoreFunction class: ''
Parameters: {"":"nextPlayed",