Now that the you have registered a freshener for your column, you can construct a FreshKijiTableReader to use it. We've provided a sample tool that simulates tracking a bunch of people listening to song after song. It reads the recommendations column that triggers freshening.

The following reader is provided as part of the scoring-music CLI tool:

// Open a FreshKijiTableReader for the table with a timeout of 1 second.
final FreshKijiTableReader freshReader = FreshKijiTableReader.Builder.create()

To use this tool to see freshening in action, run the following command:

kiji scoring-music --kiji=${KIJI}/users \
--write-user=user-35 \

This command writes a new random track play for user-35 and then freshens the recommendation for that user. If you run this command multiple times, or for different users, you should see new recommendations generated continuously.

To add freshening to any Kiji application, simply create and attach your KijiFreshnessPolicy and ScoreFunction implementations to the columns you want freshened and access data in those columns through a FreshKijiTableReader as shown above.